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Welcome to Solas & Dorcha.  The home of Holistic Colour, Design & Style.

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Beautiful big fleshy fresh green potted Ficus Elastica leaves on purple painted wall backg
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Colored clothing of all colors of the rainbow _ spectrum hanging in the wardrobe.

About My Approach

How I can help

I  help my clients find their optimal design, wellness and style that is truly theirs through colour.  My approach is client focused and unique to each individual client.  I develop a deep understanding of what imbalances they might have which is leading to dis-ease.  Together we can address this by simply adding or removing colours in their home or wardrobe.  I also offer colour identity reports and reiki along side my design services.  I aim to prioritise your well-being that celebrates all aspects of your true self and help you to achieve beautiful design, colour and style within your home or wardrobe.


I Can Help you Holistically as well as Aesthetically



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