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 "I was completely stuck when it came to redecorating my bedroom. I had gone round and round in circles with different colours that I just gave up. 

Then I heard about Kirsty and the service she had to offer. I liked how she had the client at the centre of her consultations and she wasn’t going to simply recreate the same colour schemes over and over. 

Kirsty was amazing. She went through my own thoughts on colours and what I hoped to achieve. She also asked about my health and well-being. Her background in colour therapy shone through as she suggested colours and shades to enhance aspects of my life.

In the end, she created a colour scheme I would never have thought of myself and I absolutely love it! 

I will definitely be using Kirsty again to help me choose colours for other rooms in the house."

Charlotte, Gullane


“Kirsty is professional, enthusiastic and a very intuitive person.  She puts her knowledge and heart in to her work. Her service is not lead by faddy trends or

fashion magazine’s but instead is tailored for each person’s needs. I found it fascinating to listen the science behind her service and the colour which she suggested for our bedroom is just right! I can highly recommend her services and definitely will use her again in the future.”  


"Kirsty is professional yet quickly put me at ease with her friendly and caring manner. She works with confidence through the process and within minutes I was amazed at how she had started to describe my personality just through her questions and looking at my wardrobe.

She is very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. The hour passed quickly and by the end I was so much more aware of who I am and what I wear etc than ever before. The report was in depth and kirsty gives you easily achievable tasks that aren’t overwhelming. I will definitely be rebooking her for the next process.

I would highly recommend kirsty and what she does as I have never come across anything like this before as I’ve had various similar wardrobe consultant and personals shoppers in the past but kirsty is on a different level that truly lets what you wear reflect your true self."  

Veeann, North Berwick

“I would definitely recommend an holistic colour consultation with Kirsty. I didn’t realise how my clothing choices were affecting my mood. By looking at my current wardrobe Kirsty was able to describe how I was feeling and suggest colours that would help improve my wellbeing.   She is so friendly and knowledgeable and was able to recommend a colour pallette and styles that would work better for me. I have already started to introduce some new colours and styles and am feeling much more confident.”

Laura, Archerfield

"I absolutely loved my session with Kirsty.  Having spent a small fortune on sample pots for our lounge, I still didn't feel any closer to making a decision that I was confident with.  Strong colours weren't going to work and neither were neutrals.  Kirsty understood what we were looking to achieve and with some creative thinking helped to come up with a colour scheme and an exciting way to use those colours that addresses all of our emotional needs and does our lovely lounge justice.  I feel excited to bring the ideas into reality. Thanks Kirsty x"

Marie-Claire, Gullane

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